Our brief was to design a room for staff to use during the day to relax and possibly have yoga lessons or massage. We created the below concepts and continued to produce and install. The outcome was a huge success and we are now rolling out in different formats to other Siemens offices in the UK.

Office area set aside for the design of the Well Being Suite

We have two offices and one door in. A divide was removed to allow access to both rooms

Initial concept is for an area for massage or yoga and another room for relaxation and reading

Windows to office workers to be translucent landscape seen from both sides but also giving privacy

Reading area to have imitation grass and wipe board with images for colouring

Finished room. Solid wall image continued to glass. Outside windows left clear.

Wall print joining to interior dividing glass wall image

Ceiling tiles removed and replaced with sky printed panels.

Relaxing furniture and plants added

Final images printed onto wipe board at low level for colouring

Lights changed to calmer LED lights with a print to match sky

Dividing wall to Yoga area in keeping with mountain view

Yoga area with walls covered with log cabin effect images

Wood flooring applied. Windows left clear as private area outside with views of trees

View from yoga room to reading area. Note window on divider is print to keep privacy in the room

View from inside office a seen by employees

The light from the outside window illuminates the image on the glass and door. Privacy is kept as the image blocks anyone using the facility

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